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The Individual Coaching Journey

Create meaningful & lasting changes in your professional & personal life!

Coaching in Paris™ works with you to create an active framework to tackle your professional challenges and achieve your objectives faster, yet in a more sustainable & enjoyable manner. 

Our practical framework enables insight and awareness of the stories that hinder development, allowing mental clarity and insight to move toward creating solutions and actions.

the individual journey of coaching
the process of executive coaching

The Process

Together, we first review your vision and desired outcomes, and we break them down into realistic, measurable, and meaningful strategies and actions. 

We identify and challenge into the “stories” that get in the way of your development. The process is active and rewarding. We work as a team to find the right level of challenge that will enable you to be energized, focused, and in a state of flow.

The core methods stem from Brain-Based™ coaching (invented by David Rock) and are:





 Brain-Based™ coaching
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