About Antonella Mediati 

Antonella Mediati

Global Results-Based Coach and Founder

Our Mission, Beliefs, Methodology

I am a Leadership Results-Based Coach, trained with the latest discoveries of Neuroscience, who is passionate to help individuals and teams unlock their true potential.   


My company  Coaching in Paris™ designs and facilitates coaching programs globally, tailored for high potential individuals and teams with a focus on performance and lasting, positive change. Based on both cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and WIAL Action Learning, Coaching in Paris™ coaching methods that can help both individuals and teams worldwide reach awareness to achieve their true potential.


My professional experience expands from Fortune 500 companies to startups (Amazon, Microsoft, Macy's, Actility, Eqitii) with a focus on Technology and Digital Marketing. From the early tech days of Amazon.com in 1998 to IoT/Blockchain startups in France and Microsoft, I have experience working with high potential teams, both in B2C and B2B sectors, with exponential mindsets.

Coaching in Paris™ was created to accompany professional executives globally to facilitate breakthrough thinking to obtain sustainable growth and long-term results.

About Coaching in Paris™

Our Mission

To ignite awareness & break through barriers so that you and your professional team can reveal
 transformational growth.

Our Beliefs

We believe that we all have hidden inner potential.  We want to help you and your team unleash yours.

Our Methodology

Our methods stem from Neuroscience, WIAL Action Learning, Operational,
and Relationship Systems.
Rock Formations


I've known and worked with Antonella for three years. Antonella helped me find my way through tough situations. As a woman founder and CEO of a technology company, I face unique challenges that require great mental strength and emotional discipline. Antonella helped me lift deep-rooted obstacles. She also helped me understand and realize my life dream. That's not only coaching, that's mastery!


CEO/Co-Founder Technology

Behavioral Science Expert



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