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Coaching in Paris

Antonella Mediati

Global Results-Based Executive Coach & Founder

Hello, and welcome. My professional coaching programs have proven highly rewarding, work excellently virtually and globally, & provides significant ROI and positive change for clients.  Let's start the process!

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Helping individuals and teams "crack their code" and realize and act upon their potential and purpose is my passion, which is why I built my coaching practice, which is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

In my professional career worldwide, I have experienced working with many high potential teams in "transformation" mode with hyper-growth and world-changing mindsets (From the early days of in 1998 to Microsoft and IoT/Blockchain startups in France).


A secret? The most successful teams (both in terms of productivity and people satisfaction) were those that shared joint (and clear) purpose/vision/goals and leaders that promoted safe and healthy work environments: a delicate "recipe" that I infuse in my coaching practice.

Team Coaching

Create team synergy, safety, inclusion, leadership skills,
and results-based business solutions.

Based on your team's goals and ambitions, we craft virtual or in-person team programs for long-lasting results. 


Accredited by ICF, we leverage critical learnings from Neuroscience, WIAL Action Learning, ORSC, and Results Coaching System™ in our methodology.

Obtain structure, insights, long-term results
in your professional & personal life.

We create a practical and active framework to enable you to tackle your professional challenges and achieve your professional and personal objectives faster, yet in a more sustainable manner.

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